Pressure Washer Manufacturers' Association


Performance Verification

In today's economy where quality and performance are a "given" consumers depend on printed and electronic information to make important purchasing decisions. The quality and accuracy of this information has therefore become increasingly important. Recognizing that consumers make comparisons of products without speaking with any company representatives, the member companies of PWMA believed it was critical that consumers felt assured the information they were utilizing was verified to be accurate. In response to this, member companies decided to develop and participate in a Performance Verification Program which was independently controlled by a third party, Intertek.

Intertek, a global independent testing laboratory, conducts the testing and verifies the ratings according to the accepted standards.

General Information

Who can participate?

Participation is voluntary and is open to all manufacturers, whether they are a PWMA member or not.

PWMA members manufacture pressure washers for the household, farm, consumer, or commercial/industrial markets. The pressure washers covered by this program are portable, engine or electric driven, in which the discharge line is hand supported and manipulated.

How is a Participating Manufacturer recognized for participation?

Participating manufacturers and the results of the verification tests will be posted on this website. Participating manufacturers that pass the verification program test procedures will be allowed to utilize the PWMA Program Certification Seal on the models' specification sheets and in its product literature. This is the Participant's public representation that the stated for maximum pressure (at full flow) and water flow rating have been verified by an independent laboratory.

What is Being Verified?

The program verifies the information that participating manufacturers publish on the Participants' website and in their product literature.

How does the independent verification process work?

The Program provides a uniform method for testing and rating the primary performance characteristics of pressure washers that produce high pressure water.

On a regular and random basis the administrator will select and test samples of the equipment to verify that they meet the Manufacturers' certified published performance ratings. Two units will be tested annually per participant. The units will be selected at random by the program administrator from manufacturer available stock. If a tested unit does not pass, the manufacturer has the option to have a second unit, which was previously chosen by the administrator tested. If this unit also fails the manufacturer must re-rate the unit based on the test results within 30 days or be ejected from the verification program.

What test methods are being used?