Performance You Can Trust

PWMA's Certification Program is a third-party testing program that validates manufacturer’s claims of pressure washer performance. The program provides consumers with reliable and verified performance data.

Always look for the PWMA Performance Verification Certification seal to ensure that the pressure washer is tested in accordance with the industry standard and the manufacturer’s performance data has been verified by a third-party.

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Why It’s Important

Pressure washer manufacturers state the PSI and GPM so consumers can understand performance in order to make the proper power selection for their needs. The advertised ratings for pressure washers are not always what you get; inconsistent methods of rating PSI/GPM across manufacturers can provide misleading information and potentially deliver much lower levels of performance than expected. 

Make sure you look for the PWMA certification seal when purchasing a pressure washer so you take home the pressure you were promised. The PWMA certification seal represents “Performance You Can Trust!”

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